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What makes us unique

Traditionally, professional defence and employment matters have been handled by completely separate organisations and representatives. However, it is often impossible to separate these in real life. A clinical incident could lead to not only an internal investigation involving MHPS, but also lead to a GMC referral, a malpractice claim and even interest from the Police.

MDS is the only organisation that can deal with employment, malpractice and regulatory claims all by itself.

Our multi-disciplinary team deals with complex matters in a seamless manner, thus avoiding a member from bouncing between organisations and advisors.

MDS also has its own in-house solicitors team which means that our advisors can have unbiased and direct access to expert legal advice.

This means we can focus on our member’s needs holistically and provide personalised professional support, without compromise.

Our membership base is also unique in that it comprises of medical professionals from a diverse ethnic background who have been supported in difficult professional circumstances. We are probably the only MDO with a majority of OMG/IMG [overseas/international medical graduates] membership and understand their needs better than most.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need indemnity insurance?

You must make sure that you have adequate and appropriate insurance or indemnity arrangements in place, covering the full scope of your medical practice in the UK. For GPs working in England and Wales, this is included in your normal contracts of employment. For Locum GPs in Wales, you must be registered on the All Wales Locum Register (AWLR). You will still need to maintain membership with an MDO or insurer to cover services such as patient complaints, regulatory (GMC) and disciplinary proceedings, employment and contractual disputes. For more information on the Clinical Negligence Scheme for NHS Trusts and General Practice, refer to the latest GMC guidelines here. For insurance and indemnity when you are carrying out private or independent practice in the UK outside of the NHS or as a GP in Scotland or Northern Ireland, contact us to obtain a tailor-made quotation from our preferred Partners.

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